Art Meets Radical Openness 2024

Call for Participation

Dancing at the Crossroads

8th–11th May 2024, Linz (AT)

afo – architekturforum oberösterreich, Stadtwerkstatt, Kunstuniversität Linz, bb15 – Space for Contemporary Art, DH5, and more…

Art Meets Radical Openness is a biennial community festival for art, hacktivism and open cultures. Since 2008 it offers a context for discussing the challenges of digital cultures, software and network infrastructures, art and everyday life, education, politics and activism.

At the crossroads leading to a complex multi-crisis, #AMRO24 aims to create spaces of resistance against the technological monoculture. It invites its community of artists and technologists, activists and developers to contribute with work envisioning forms of computational degrowth and permacomputational principles; developing with forms of protest and dissent to the normative, extractive and anti-social technological mainstream; and dealing with the consequences of a perhaps resistible rise of total AI.

Flirting with Burnouts / Looking at Points Tipping / Reseeding Resistance

While it is certainly true that in the present situation the need for action is ever increasing, the upcoming issue of AMRO refuses to conform to any simplification of reality. As a community located at the intersection of radical art practices and open source philosophies, this festival provides a space to envision alternative models of digitalization, as well as the liberatory social forms that flourish with them.

In an increasingly extractive technological condition, with the approaching signals of climate catastrophe in mind, we dance at the crossroads, oscillating between all possible states and conditions, occupying both roads, creating space for imagining alternatives, and aiming to reseed forms of resistance.

Call for participation

Art Meets Radical Openness has been organized since 2008 by in cooperation with the Linz University of Art, Department of Time-Based Media. The four-day event includes: a discursive program with keynotes, panels and lectures, workshops and showcases, and a nightline.

The program is developed by servus though its research labs and in collaboration with the AMRO community.

The festival program will also be enriched by a call for participation open to artists, programmers, researchers, activists and free spirits. You are welcome to propose a program point through our form, and we will get in touch with you in the coming weeks.

We are looking for experimental, critical approaches to the uses of technology; combining performative and artistic research methods; and works open for feedback and further development.


Proposal review

The proposal for participation will be reviewed by a group of long-time AMRO community members who will assess the thematic affinity of the proposal with the AMRO24 themes and our festival guidelines (see below).

If your work is selected for the festival, we expect you to be in Linz for the entire event and to be ready to present your work in more than one format (e.g.: artwork showcase + presentation OR showcase + workshop).

Please consider that the festival resources are limited. If your work is not selected for AMRO24, we might still want to contact you for future projects. Your data will not be shared with third parties.

AMRO24 Policies

A disclaimer: Super Radically Open Source

AMRO is shaped by the spirit of the Free Software movement and we believe that, especially nowadays, following such principles is a fundamental part of any critical and progressive approach to art and culture.

We are looking for contributions that are primarily based on Free/Libre Open Source Software, alternative software, community-based liberating technologies, or whatever you call them: in short - nonproprietary/nonGAFAM+*. Your project proposal should emphasize these principles, either technically or conceptually/philosophically, in your work.

PS: We are aware of the specificity and limits of such terms and we don’t take for granted that everyone has the same opportunities to get exposed to those principles. If your work is not yet FLOSS, you can use AMRO24 as an opportunity to rebuild / restructure / reorient it. If your proposal is selected, we’ll be happy to help you (in a reasonable way) to take steps in that direction.

Sharing Documents & Files

As an extension of the previous point: AMRO and support open standards and put a lot of energy into maintaining tools to avoid using extractive 3rd party services as much as possible (Google, DropBox, wetransfer, etc.).

→ #adv:

If you want to share something with us, it should be accessible through publicly available standards.


We will support participants with travel reimbursement, accommodation, food and a fee based on the type and length of the contribution…

How to support us?

In the spirit of sharing available resources, please let us know if you have a regular salary and would like to contribute your time to the festival. This will help us invite more participants or offer more substantial fees to others.

If you are able to finance your travel and/or accommodation yourself or through a third party (university, scholarship, etc.), we will be happy to provide you with an invitation letter.

Travel & hosting policy

Our budget allows us to generally fund travel within Europe. We want to avoid flying and support more sustainable forms of travel - like train, bike or boat. Please keep this in mind when applying and planning your trip to Linz!

We prefer to organize accommodation through community hosting - so if you are in Linz and have a cozy private room for a wonderful festival participant, please contact us at


Extended deadline: 1st March 2024, 20:00 CET

23rd February 2024, 20:24 CET

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