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3TS-Debugging together with the third technoscape

Petites Singularités


16th June

20:00 – 20:30

afo - 1st floor | conference hall

petites singularités propose the concept of Third-TechnoScape to designate places of technological production abandoned by the industry and institutions to civil society. Such spaces, neglected by the mainstream, show more natural resources in terms of bio- and noo-diversity than architectured spaces colonized by pre-emptive thought—essentialist and hylemorphic.

We will expose experiences and use cases where different conditions always led to unexpected results.

3TS constitutes and is constituted of Singular Technologies, like a stitching it binds different situations ; each unveils the modes of existence within specific peer practices removed from the market ; each reclaiming their condition of existence, often messy, sometimes hitting limits and acknowledging failures, yet always alive. Debugging from these experiences we invite you to engage in a conversation around 3TS and Singular Technologies, drawing together the perspective for the up-coming : the journey is critical.