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3TS_Third Technoscape DEMO

Petites Singularités


16th June

15:30 – 16:30

afo - 2nd floor | under the roof

Petites singularités invite you to join for a question and tactics cards game, a constraining prism that forces creative reflection.

Both questions and tactics are carefully chosen from contemporary philosophy with a strong bias for militant, feminist and decolonial thinkers, as well as contemporary philosophers. Thus, the random combinations of questions and tactics highlight unthought-of and emerging structural aspects of our relation to technique.

The 3TS card game settles in a methodology that we developed over the years giving free software workshops for activists and helping collectives figure out what digital technologies to use to amplify their action for their own specific case. We found out that a *quantum oracle* worked best to engage people out of their corporate-driven perception of technology-as-a-package and into understanding technology as something that is socially produced, and can be taken into their own hands.