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16th June

21:30 – 24:00


The AMRO Nightly Builds happen in-between days, as a time space where musical tryouts and sonic fictions develop, grow, fail and are built again into a multi-sensory experience that puts in context the metaphors of bug and debug.

A collective build that enables text, asemic writing, coding languages, writing or printing tools, electronic and acoustic interfaces as means of sound creation, through a real-time unedited exploration.

Simulating the waving process of memory and dreams, the Nightly Builds combine subjectivies and dancing moves, through machine-like rhythms, raw melodies, DIY lofi-chaos, techno, house and high energy… ready for a smoke test the next morning, to check that everything is still running.

Nightly Builds is curated by Gabriela Gordillo


Trial#1 - This bug is
Ekheo – Yes I can´t
Charles Céleste Hutchins – Domifare
Badcirculation – Algorave with Badcirculation
Zergon – Bouncing Buchla Bubbles