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AMRO Times



16th June

14:00 – 16:30

afo - ground floor

Calling all quote enthusiasts, micro loggers, amateur photographers and partial documenters to join the editorial team of the AMRO Times!
All together we will gather material to build a collective memory of the festival and feed-forward it in a printed form into the networks of networks surrounding AMRO.

Come and get your press badge in our editorial corner in the exhibition area! Any form of design or journalistic affinities are welcomed. We will introduce a networked workflow based on pads, RSS feeds and web-to-print techniques. The gathering of content will happen troughout the festival and can be done in a range of formats. Roles can be rotated, source credibility can be fluid, authorship can be blurred, opinions can be bent, consent will be practiced.

This networked documentation layer of the AMRO festival is a collaboration between Habitat and Varia. The content gathering part will be a shared effort, from which two publishing formats will be rendered: a printed bulletin (AMRO Times) and an online radio platform (AMRO Tribes). You can join the full editorial process or just jump into parts of it, depending on your preference for content gathering, print and/or radio.

14.00-16.30: first meeting, 1h with both Habitat and Varia (Introducing Content gathering), 1.5h splitted respectively about the tools for radio system (AMRO Tribes) and the making of the printed bulletin (AMRO Times)

17.00-18.00: editorial check in

Finalization sprint
14.00-16.00: preparing the PDF / organizing audio material for the stream
16.00: print deadline!
17.00: radio broadcast!

Content gathering will start on Wednesday evening! However, since our first meeting is on Thursday at 14.00, you can find us in the exhibition space + at https://chat-amro-times.vvvvvvaria.org/ for quick installments to already get started.

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