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Becoming Cultish or Brochures for a Digitally (Tele-)Present World

Dasha Ilina


16th June

13:30 – 16:30

afo - ground floor

In her project BE? HERE? NOW? Dasha Ilina explores the nature of new forms of hybrid human existence in the technological age. The discourse on this topic tends to split into two opposing directions: the desire for total technological disengagement and the willingness to embrace the world of innovation unreservedly and naively. BE? HERE? NOW? starts from the emergence of mindfulness culture and the emphasis it places on a "presentness" of consciousness.

During this workshop you will be exploring the world of spiritual brochures. What are their strategies to bond with their audiences? What role do their distribution tactics play in their persuasiveness? In the first part of the workshop Dasha will share her current findings, and together, you will reflect on digitally mediated physicality and questions surrounding digital (tele-)presence. You are then invited to create a brochure of your own to spread the message about digital presence and its effects on modern day relationships.

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