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Conversations with Cameras

Chipp Jansen


16th June

14:00 – 15:30

/dev/lol - Hacklab Linz

Web-cams, home cams, pet-cams, refrigerator cams… Internet-connected cameras (IP Cameras) are increasingly ubiquitous. These commodified Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets are often closed, propriety, security dumpster fires and quickly become obsolete IoT bricks when their cloud-based services fail hard and fast through corporate bankruptcy.  However, they also become a creative material once hacked and opened up for general use. In this workshop, you will play with a hacked IP camera, and through the command-line learn how a video stream is set-up can be modified for re-purposing. We will experiment with modifying the steamed image from our cameras, and attempt peer-to-peer streaming to potentially produce strange re-mixed video loops.

This workshop is for beginners with a little technical patience, and those who are comfortable with using a Linux terminal shell. For those interested in learning, we will support each other and get you started with command line hacking. Experts are welcome, as there is technical depth to explore with compiling video streaming software for an IP camera.

Bring your own computer (laptop more comfortable than a phone or tablet)
On your device: Need an SSH terminal (Linux, Mac or PuTTY on Win).

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