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16th June

23:00 – 23:30


This is a live coding musical performance, in an unusual language. The first-ever constructed language was a project begun in 1827 by François Sudre. He chose to have just seven syllables, the sounds of solfedge, or musical notes. Since that time, thousands of languages have been invented – many of them computer languages, designed to be intelligible to both humans and machines. Programming languages are based on a spoken human language. Domifare is based on Sudre’s language, Solresol. The commands of the Domifare live-coding language are input into the computer via tuba and a pitch-tracker. This language is designed to create, modify and play loops. The output of the language and the programming of the language both constitute a musical performance. The act of live coding is one of avoiding, finding and fixing errors. With Domifare, the probability of errors increases, not only because of the need to learn to play all the commands, but because pitch tracking is notoriously err-prone. In this case, though, the debugging is also musical. As is common practice in live coding, I will share my screen via video projection.