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16th June

11:00 – 12:30

afo - 1st floor | conference hall

Hyperaccumulators are plants that grow on soils with a high heavy metal content and are able to store minerals such as copper, nickel, zinc or cadmium in their biomass. They have found an evolutionary niche in volcanic soil, industrial heaps or former mining areas, absorbing a large proportion of the metals, which turns the plants into biological ore mines that can rehabilitate soils over the years.

In this session, soil ecologist Markus Puschenreiter will talk about the technical aspects of Phytomining, while environmental scientist and project manager at alchemia-nova, Tiziana Centofanti addresses the importance of metal recycling through bio-based and circular solutions. In an interactive session, we explore questions of metals, waste and their cycles.

As part of the servus.at Research Lab 2021, Raphael Perret and Andreas Zingerle created an artistic work “Toxic Stories”, where they immerse themselves in the topic and present stories from their process-based research in the form of an audio guide.