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Mobile Server

Azahara Cerezo


16th June

14:00 – 16:30

/dev/lol - Hacklab Linz

In January 2020, Azahara Cerezo moved her artist''s website files to a small portable server that can be connected to a solar panel. Using a small mirror and a camera, the server takes selfies and displays them on the main page of the website, so that whoever enters it sees part of the elements that physically support it, that is, that support her work.

The activity takes as starting point this Duchampian “boîte-en-valise” of cognitive labour to propose a workshop halfway between a technical exercise and a speculative gesture. The session proposes to the participants to configure a mobile server to explore its functioning and internal programming together. The workshop is complemented by a dynamic aimed at imagining possible uses of these mobile servers and thus trying to confront several technopolitical tensions such as the need for efficiency, the ambivalence of autonomy or the disarticulation of 24/7.

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