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No Annotation is Alone*

WordMord collective artistic process


16th June

17:00 – 17:30

afo - 2nd floor | under the roof

The No Annotation is a Alone* is a series of annotative interventions, by the collective artistic research WordMord, upon the rigidity of the fixed format of the PDF, to challenge established protocols. Specifically, it negotiates the Chapter Fifteen of the Greek Penal Code, which refers to Crimes against Life. In these interventions, annotation is used as an activist strategy, providing space for the debate within the realms of marginalised comments, erasings and replacements of the dominant legal text. That happens through technical means and scripts that are tools for thinking and imagining about the bureaucracies and the mediums through which social protocols are established.

The No Annotation is a Alone* is one of the many tentacles of WordMord. Other tentacles include: Genealogy of queer feminist artistic and theoretical methodologies towards the deconstruction of patriarchal language, Wordlist, Manyfesto by onlania, Para-dictionary/Lexikon.