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Marion Theres Winter


16th June

19:00 – 19:15

Constanze - afo square

This performance is about power relations. It will happen inside, around and on top of the shipping container. Elements that form part of the performance are people, noise, light and darkness. At random people become their roles. They are placed in the externally controlled system.

The core theme of the work is the active and physical experience of one''s own body and other bodies in this system. The performer on the roof penetrates the container with a tool, using it as a sound body and also the people inside. The pressure she exerts not only clocks the people inside but also around the container.

Where is the line of participation? Are the specators outside also part of this closed system? What role do they play there? This is not a space to enter if you get anxious easily or are claustrophobic.


14th June 2022, 7PM
15th June 2022, 7PM
17th June 2022, 7PM

The project is part of the cooperation with the exhibition project Constanze of the department of Plastische Konzeption of the Kunstuni Linz.