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Sounding Attention Labour with Critical Debugging

Yann Patrick Martins


16th June

14:00 – 17:00


The past years of technological development has seen a growing distrust in the tools that are used in everyday life. The commodification of human attention in data extractivism is going under more attentive scrutiny from governments around the world.

The general awareness of this technological failures has been brought forward, not only by academics but also artists and designers who challenge the technological given, by exerting their right to critique.

During the workshop the method of debugging will be subverted from technical error correction to a forensic tool to spot the site of data extraction. The latter will then be sonified and performed in the evening as an ensemble.

During the 6 hours workshop the group will have time to discuss the relationship between interface, labour and attention economy, engage with technical skills like network debugging with the firefox built-in tools, as well as the basics of modular sound design with VCV rack.

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