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Sounding Attention Labour

Yann Patrick Martins


16th June

19:00 – 19:20


The past years of technological development has seen a growing distrust in the tools that are used in everyday life. The commodification of human attention in data extractivism is going under more attentive scrutiny from governments around the world.

The general awareness of this technological failures has been brought forward, not only by academics but also artists and designers who challenge the technological given, by exerting their right to critique.

Within this infrastructural framework the browser becomes the site of labour manufacture and extraction. Nevertheless, the extractive processes happen directly at users fingertips, and are therefore analyzable with debugging techniques, de facto subverting its use from error correction to forensic analysis. The performance will consist in the sonification of the latter and will be performed by the attendees of the workshop "Sounding Attention Labour with Critical Debugging".