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Sophie Rieger


16th June

19:00 – 22:00

Constanze - afo square

Why do we remember?

Our memories make us who we are. Episodic memory allows humans to mentally time travel, to re-live past events and anticipate future events. According to ‘memory theory‘ a persons identity and sense of self is made up largely of their past experiences and their memories. But remembering works kind of like ‘the telephone game‘. Each time we recall past events some details might get innocently altered, improved, or forgotten. There are many reasons why tiny changes can happen ranging from what we believe is true or wish were true, to what someone else told us about the past event, or what we want that person to think.

Whenever these flaws happen, they can have long-term effects on how we’ll recall that memory in the future.

For these works I took some distinct memories of my own and altered them and rendered them new in ceramics and latex.

On the last day of the exhibition there will be a Tattoo Pop-up Shop Performance where people can get tattoos. Tattoos are, for many people, a form of self expression and often used to capture personal experiences and memories. And I like the idea that therefore they are kind of a ‘time capsule for identity‘.


Constanze Exhibition

14th of June 2022 7pm – 22pm
15th of June 2022 7pm – 22pm
17th of June 2022 5pm-22pm

The project is part of the cooperation with the exhibition project Constanze of the department of Plastische Konzeption of the Kunstuni Linz.