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Wind Instrument Building

Marije Baalman, Enrique Tomás


16th June

13:30 – 18:00

Servus Clubraum / Stadtwerkstatt

Flying dragons, deers, owls, octopus, or parrots - in different languages across the world, kites are named in all sorts of imaginary ways.

In this wind instrument building workshop, we will explore how kites fly, try to measure this with self-built sensors, and use the data to create sound to bring alive the dragons, deers, owls, octopus and parrots.

We will create sensors to measure the pressure of the wind on the kite from conductive materials, as well as create a kite tail sensor. In addition we will use a motion sensor. These sensors will be attached to an ESP32 board on the kite, that sends the data via WiFi as OpenSoundControl. This data can be received by an App based on Pd that can run on a mobile phone, or on laptops with any OSC-capable software. We will supply example code for Pd and SuperCollider.

At the end of the workshop we will go out, fly the kites and listen to how they roar!

Participants should bring:

- a laptop with PureData (v0.46 or above), optionally SuperCollider
- a smartphone (we will use the app MobMuPlat - https://danieliglesia.com/mobmuplat/)
- USB-A to USB-Micro-B cable
- headphones or portable loudspeaker
- optionally: their own kite


This workshop is realized in cooperation with bb15 and the Oscillations - Exercises in Resilience.


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