Away from the “Internet of Ecocide”: inviting radically open participation in Internet protocols standardisation


Lecture by: Vesna Manojlovic

@afo - 1st floor | conference hall

Opening-up Internet Governance to Artists / Activists / Anarchists , by including intersectional values of Ecology / Sustainability / Feminism / Diversity / Climate Justice / DeGrowth

Internet Governance is functioning on the “multi stakeholder model”: poly-centric collection of organisations, mailing lists and conferences where the decisions about functioning of the internet are made (such as names, numbers, protocols, and other standards). This is supposed to include actors as varied as students vs politicians, civil servants vs engineers, scientific researchers vs software developers… and still, there are challenges in both informing and attracting contributions from those who are affected by and could benefit from influencing the directions where “The Internet” is going. Because “the Internet” has not fulfilled its emancipatory promises - on the contrary, it has become an “ecocide machine”.

In this lecture, I am going to both issue catastrophic warnings, and invite utopian hope; I will introduce IETF, ICANN, W3C, RIPE, DNS and many other acronyms - and invite you to “consider the squirrels”.