Performance by: Luka Prinčič


The lecture-performance is shaped by the author's personal audio-visual aesthetics informed by a subjective view of activist directions that are DIY at their core: declaring independence, digital autonomy, and tiny #BeYourOwnPlatform movement against obvious enshittification of digital platforms for musicians. The state of "digital work & life" seems to be defined by transformation into »techno-feudalism«, increasing slavery to data-sucking algorithms, A.I. systems scraping art works, digital "property" and other »creative content«, and corporate platforms unable to moderate alt-right nazis, TERFs and transphobes while censoring reports of lived experiences of genocide. Amids all this are tiny movements of indie smolwebs, digital gardeners and frugal computing enthusiasts. The hashtag marks a small effort to reinvent DIY ethics that is calling for cultural and political empancipation in the techno-reality: anti-consumerist, using free software, decentralized, self-hosted, federated and home-grown.