Building Consentful Protocols


Workshop by: Xin Xin

@/dev/lol - Hacklab Linz

Building Consentful Protocols invites participants to create experimental chatrooms by remixing TogetherNet.

TogetherNet is a p2p open-source software that invites groups of 10 or less participants to build community archives through practices of consent. Designed around the ethos of data transparency and consent, TogetherNet's goal is to transform digital rights policies such as the right to be forgotten into an embodied practice through reimagining software architecture and user experience.

The workshop will cover the design process behind TogetherNet and ask participants to fork new models through the guidance of Consentful Tech Zine by Una Lee and Dann Toliver and the Design Justice Network Principles. At the end of the workshop, participants are invited to join TogetherNet's Discord channel to share their forks and expand the community.

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