Permacomputing your way out of casual dystopia


Workshop by: Ola Bonati, Brendan Howell

@afo - 2nd floor | under the roof

In a time where computing epitomizes industrial waste, permacomputing encourages the maximizing of hardware lifespans, minimizing energy use and focussing on the use of already available computational resources. It is a developing concept and an emerging community focused on practical aspects related to the resilience and regenerative qualities of computer and network technology.

The workshop led by Ola and Brendan aims to provide participants with a playful exploration of the concepts and philosophy of permacompiting. In one day, we will experiment with alternative ways of communication using repurposed electronics and based on speculative futures, create scenarios in which constant (and instant) access to the network is not a given. Can we force ourselves to think of minimalistic futures in maximalist reality? How can we regain some of the agency by stepping out of the mainstream use of media? How can we apply permacomputing rules in our daily practice? We invite you to join us in pursuit of answers to these questions!


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