publish public plugins


Workshop by: Stephen Kerr, kamo

@/dev/lol - Hacklab Linz

This workshop focuses on plugins as a publishing surface. Develop and publish open source plugins with us, and join a conversation about the pluggable.

Software hosts plugins to allow extended features. Not every closed or open source software is pluggable at the same level or in the same ways. Sometimes it feels like a luxury resort, a couch at a friend's place, a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Plugin publishing is a way of touching software as a material, using UI as a situated canvas to inform content.

After an introduction to the concepts of plugin publishing, we help eachother make plugins for a range of software (Inkscape, InDesign, Blender, anything else you want to try). From something as simple as displaying a window with some text, to a more structured or playful interaction with the host software, we will explore plugin publishing as a group.

If possible, bring a laptop. We will be dealing with code. No experience required but you'll have some by the time you leave \(^o^)/

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