Senzor Saikei


Workshop by: Michal Klodner, Aliaksandra Yakubouskaya


Saikei is Japanese art form of miniature planted landscape. This workshop will be about finding balance between plants and supportive electronic circuits . We will set up an ecosystem laboratory and work collectively to find out relations and communications of computing and living systems. We will work on alternative designs for the future in which garden servers or forest servers are possible, using a permacomputing model consisting of plants, soil, sensors, relays, and solar panels. When replacing data centers with infrastructure being run by nature, we have to deal with conditions of light, humidity and temperature. In this model, electronic circuits also connect to biological circuits and the water cycle as their running conditions.

We will work with computing and sensor devices, programming Arduino boards. The methodology is interdisciplinary regarding science and art forms. Saikei will be prepared, available for participants to explore, discuss, experiment, modify and learn.

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