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Workshop by: Federico Poni

@afo - 2nd floor | under the roof

An Almanac of Permacult-Rural Computing

AMRO’s topics include sustainability, obsolescence issues and DIY/DIWO, so it’s the correct place where to find inspiration and positive critiques. This editorial workshop aims to find possible contents and directions regarding an almanac for digital hygiene based on reflections on Rural Computing, Permacomputing, and in general, computational practices striving for lower impact (if not even regeneration) on environment, individuals, and society as a whole. *the title suggests something regarding a bash script, however this should not be understood as a purely technical/programming workshop!

The idea of creating an almanac ad-hoc for the topic, came out during a Servus research lab moment (November 2023), where the case study was a theory called “Permacomputing”. Even if the general directions of permacomputing are clear – that is using, supporting and developing radical low-tech oriented hardware and software – its essence remains difficult to grasp. So we decided to imagine something useful for everyday life. Besides “Permacomputing”, another (similar) computational-direction theory was and is proposed. It’s called “Rural Computing”, and what mainly differentiates it from the Perma-cousin is the role of rituals and the esoteric approach to relations and development of hardware and software.

The Almanac format came out for attention regarding the two topics aforementioned. Al-manack comes from Spanish-Arabians which means Moon-calendar, a calendar where sacred, holistic and agricultural needs are met. Therefore, we can also include computation and everyday holiness. We plan to publish the almanac in January 2025, in order to use it! During the workshop will be individuated topics and content directions, if some participants would like to commit to preparing some formal content for the Almanac is surely welcome.

The workshop will be planned during the whole AMRO days, focusing on the first and last days. First day: presentation of the project, the almanac format and its history, planning of actions for the next days (evaluation of other workshops/talks with linked topics) In-between days: chatting in front of a beer about talks and lectures where people attended. Last days: Write and draw all the ideas!!! :)


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