Thanks for Listening


Performance by: Mitsitron


Thanks for Listening is a live coding performance, a process created by a body, cables, a midi device, a microphone, a sound card, Sonic Pi, speakers, memories,desires, discomforts and vulnerability.

The urgency that nourished this project were questions such as: How do we embody gender by the ways we use our voices? How gender binary categorises bodies depending on their vocal frequency behaviour? How sound production and instruments when located in cis-heteronormative spaces potentially amplify biases? Or how can they strengthen reparative processes for those bodies marked by gender?

In this performance, I position my body as an extension of sound and sound technology. I create voice through my phonatory system, which gets modulated in controllable and uncontrollable ways. A midi controller which receives data from a live coding software is pitching, stretching and looping the voice that is plugged to through knobs, faders and buttons.