The Future is Magical Programming Paradigm


Lecture by: Yann Patrick Martins

@afo - 1st floor | conference hall

The presentation will be an examination of the intricate entanglement between magic, TESCREAL-ism, technology and the "Future". The starting point will be an artwork conceived six years ago, the Fisiognomic Horoscope. Delving deeper, scrutiny will be given to the deployment of machine learning as a predictive mechanism, leveraging historical data to forecast future outcomes. Furthermore, discourse will delve into the pervasive influence wielded by Technology in shaping the collective conception of the "Future." Remarkably, these projections often echo themes found in religious narratives, oscillating between the bleak dystopian landscapes of AI Doomerism and the utopian visions of the Singularity.

However, amidst this exploration of technology's dominion over temporal horizons, a departure is proposed. Counter strategies rooted in alternative forms of magic will be considered, offering a subversive approach to navigating the complexities of the technological milieu.