The material dimension of clouds


Lecture by: Pluriversidad Nómada

@afo - 1st floor | conference hall

The material dimension of clouds is a research in which we approach the material and tangible elements of the Internet, how it shapes our memory and how we abandon it. We think about the cloud, as a volatile metaphor for the Internet, how our “cloud” connects us to the ground, the earth and what is buried under the sea. We think how extractivism and colonialism are not only shaping the manufacturing processes of our technological devices but also influence and affect deep layers of meaning, bodies, energies and spiritualities.

We’ll also talk about our website, one of the tools we use for putting our research into practice and how it was built and shaped around these considerations about technology.

This research highlights ideas about science, technology, extractivism, the environmental crisis, the relationship with our (and other) bodies and the so-called “natural resources”. Beyond the concept of “climate change” we try to connect with a long memory of the earth and what inhabits it. We weave from fragments a partial and incomplete fabric that can give us clues on how to imagine the material reality of which we are part.