Turning off the Internet (Slot #2)


Performance by: Ada, Stephen Kerr, Irmak Ertaş, Aglaia Petta


Let's build a tent together made out of bedsheets, laundry pegs and string—whatever we can find to block the internet. Inside the tent there will be several moments of performance and storytelling. We'll act like the internet doesn't exist, to create a space to talk about it.

Join us to sit inside the tent together, and chat about why we want to turn off the internet. After that we will use little objects to read your internet-future, in exchange for a story of your internet-past (Internet Oracle). Suddenly, a collective vocalising of administrative scenarios and portable every-day bureaucracies happens, and we discuss their underlying violence (Vocal Documents). We'll play with dolls to recreate memories of things that happened in our computers and tell eachother our dreams (Dream work). In search of loose threads, rereading and enacting two stories from past digital eras and taking the time to reinterpret these through a fake phone call (Loose Threads). Together we'll make tinfoil hats for our phones to protect them from feral connection requests. We'll hide in the tent and pretend that we turned off the internet. The password is xy-capital-Zk-lower-case-3-exclamation-mark-that-looks-like-a-?x.