ultramorbidi*romi N/A


Performance by: ultramorbidi, romi N/A


ultramorbidi**romi N/A summon the electronic beats of feminist cyber-porn. their performance is a feast for the senses featuring danceable techno-eroticism, catchy melodies, live coding, and radical glitches. backed by visual artist romi N/A’s glistening entrance, transginger and scriptboy battle their shyness from across the dark abyss of pixelated techno-lust, diving into the rich histories of cyberfeminist desire. their songs speak of rage and hope as they decry the technologically facilitated rendering of the world as resource and the unequal distribution of vulnerability and wealth. in the fascinating overlap of free software fetish, feminist anger issues, wannabe hackerx aesthetics, visual over-stimulation, and kink, ultramorbidi*romi N/A teasingly insist that, yes, uh, yes ... another tech is possible. sexually explicit and kinky lyrics. flashing lights. might contain nudity.